Pure Organic Henna Body Art for the Soul

We use only PURE ORGANIC HENNA powder using 100% fresh ingredients of high quality, the best essential oils, mixed specially for you. WHAT IS MEHNDI?

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We love what we do.

Henna is for everybody!

Bridal Henna


We love to decorate you in that very special day of your wedding, the brides are the priority for us, and we like to satisfy our couples. We do the Bridal Mehndi, Groom, Siblings, and also we the bride maids and at the guest party.

Henna Party

Special Events

We go and make a henna to your guests at your special event! Birthdays, sweet 16, or any kind of event that you feel that henna will express your gratitude to your friends and family, kids love it! Remember henna is for all ages.

Body Art

Henna Tattoo

You like to feel beautiful and special, no need to have a special event to get a henna! You deserve it!


Destination Henna

We attend to the Venice Boardwalk the season of spring / summer, we are used to the masses! We attend to Festivals as well. Henna Everywhere!