Lavandin Essential Oil

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An essential oil sourced from France also referred to as Lavandula hybrida oil. Lavandin oil is steam-distilled from the flowering tops of a hybrid plant of two species of lavender. This essential oil is similar to lavender oil but has a more intense aroma with sharper notes, due to the fact that it is from a hybrid plant.

Organic lavandin oil is 100% pure with a strong and appealing fresh lavender scent. It is a highly desired ingredient in the soaping industry and is used to manufacture perfumes, lotions, toiletries and various cosmetic products. Natural essential oils such as lavandin oil are used for aromatherapy and commonly enjoyed in a diffuser to freshen the surrounding home environment. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and should be handled with care. Lavandin Oil is not for internal use.

BOTANICAL NAMELavandula hybrida
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