Henna Aftercare

Henna is a plant paste, taking care of you henna design is simple and the results will be wonderfully reddish brown. HENNA IS FOR EVERYONE.

It took me a while to write this blog that finally is here: everything about HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY HENNA so it can last longer in my skin, since I love the design so much… you must follow all the directions and please ASK is you have any ideas, I say No to disappointing first experience due to lack of information, so that motivarte me much more to communicate the details of the art of taking care of your henna.

Henna is a paste that have to dry first in order to be absorbed by the layers of the skin, the more you have it on the skin, the best color and duration you can obtain.

So this are the very basic aftercare instructions to enjoy your Henna stain the best:

The fist step is to:

DONT TOUCH the Henna design after is applied on the skin.

You simply have to leave it alone, and be very mindful that every little dot counts, specially if you have your fingers done, the paste can get very smeary in between the fingers. Not move a lot will help too.

Make sure to bring the appropriate clothing if you want another part of the body done so the design have time to dry without you being naked all the time, just kidding. But also the hair is important to have it up because it can be super messy smearing the henna paste all over your neck.

Try to bring your way of payment out in advance, and also make someone drive you, so you don’t have to drive right after the appointment, you have to be able to do nothing that involves the area of the design at least for 40 minutes.

Allow at least 2-4 hours to dry completely.

The longer you leave the Henna paste on, the better and darker the stain will be. We usually recommend at least 4 hours up to 8 hours, even overnight. But definitely when the henna paste is dry it feels like a it was absorbed by the skin, very dry, could be flaking a little, try to keep it on your skin and for that there is two methods:

In about 10-20 min (sometimes more) the henna paste will be not as shiny and very dry that you can touch it. Once is dry the design can be sealed with medical tape OR you can use a citrus sealent a lemon and sugar solution (mix equal parts lemon juice and sugar and spray it on) or you can buy our beautiful Sweet Rose Citrus Sealant in our store.

I do recommend to sleep with the Henna paste on the skin but you must wrap it securely with gauze or several layers of paper to protect it. DO NOT USE plastic or plastic gloves of any kind… the henna paste can “smear” with sweet or water, just by doing the regular things will ruin the design if the henna gets wet, the design can be permanently ruined (ok temporary just for 2 weeks) So be careful, if you plan to do a ton of things, just remove the henna paste and continue with your life. But…


Just peel it carefully with some vegetable oil, like coconut, or some of the Pure Organic Aftercare Balm.

Please DO NOT USE WATER to remove the henna paste from your skin,  you can flake the paste or unwrap the design if you did use the tape.

It will look orange and not very dark at this stage. 

The henna design will be light to bright orange at first then darken over the next hours. If you keep your henna design away from water the first 24 hours after removing the paste will help the stain, the moment that the water touch the skin this interrupt the darkening process and will give you a much lighter results that will not last as long.

Your Henna stain will reach the final dark color in 24 to 48 hours after and will last 1-2 weeks.

Henna likes it Hot! if you stay warm while your henna design is on this will help to a nice dark stain. To protect the stain you can use the Pure Organic Aftercare Balm.

Use this balm or any natural oil like coconut on your design before / after the shower, or swimming time, any contact with water, take care of it use gloves when you do your cleaning and dish washing, or make others do it for you! One legend say the Indus check how the new family treats the just married wife by checking in how long her henna stain fades.

About exfoliation, Henna fades quicker if you go to a swimming pool, that have chlorine, or you take a lot of showers with soap, or you go to a sauna, go to the ocean, al kinds of exfoliation will fade the design quicker, because Henna only stains the top layers of the skin.

Another thing to consider is Suntanning sprays or treatments can ‘occupy’ the cells for the Henna so it will not stain, try to plan your appointment of Henna one day before or even the same day so you have the Henna completely dry on your skin at the time of the spraying. That will ensure that the skin absorbs the Henna first.

If you have any questions you can always contact me.

Enjoy your Henna design is yours for 2 weeks, or more if you follow the aftercare…

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