ICNHA Certification for Natural Henna Arts

We are so happy to inform that we are CERTIFIED by the ICNHA. The International Certification for Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA) is a volunteer peer assessment for henna artists to certify they use only natural, chemical free henna and understand the cultural, traditional uses of henna.
What do they do?
The objective of this examination is to test and certify a henna artist’s understanding of the fundamental principles of henna, skin, hygiene, safety, culture, and traditions. If an artist knows these principles, the artist can more effectively serve a diverse clientele safely, effectively, and sensitively.
Why does it?
Henna is a beautiful and safe art form, but when used improperly with the use of chemical dyes and questionable mixing procedures, it can be harmful and disfiguring. We only want to ensure the safety of the client and artist by ensuring our artists know the best and safest ways to employ their art form.
The basic principles of skin, hygiene, cultural sensitivity, and safety are applicable to artists around the world.
By providing a certification programme for henna artists it enables the public to be sure they are safe and in the company of professional and responsible henna artists.

So ask me any questions I’m sure I can help or find out!
Thank you for liking the Natural Henna.
I feel it is an honor to be an ambassador for this lovely giving tradition.