Jagua Powder

We decided to try the Jagua Powder and we like it! It can be stored for much longer than the juice and mixed with water to get basically the raw juice. It is Freeze – Dried and its just the dehydrated Jagua fresh fruit juice (Genipa Americana)      

Cuidados posteriores en Español

We will be traveling to Playa del Carmen,  Mexico then Costa Rica next December! Here are some aftercare instructions in Spanish. Aqui estan las instruciones para el cuidado posterior de tu Henna, Hengua o Jagua!  

ICNHA Certification for Natural Henna Arts

We are so happy to inform that we are CERTIFIED by the ICNHA. The International Certification for Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA) is a volunteer peer assessment for henna artists to certify they use only natural, chemical free henna and understand the cultural, traditional uses of henna. What do they do? The objective of this examination … Continue reading ICNHA Certification for Natural Henna Arts

Henna Channel on YouTube is on Air!

If you always like to know how we make henna, how to roll a cone, and how to sift and fill cones with henna, or wondering about how to mix hengua, may be… well that tutorial is not up yet but it will be! All kinds of subjects related to the body arts that I … Continue reading Henna Channel on YouTube is on Air!

We mix, roll and cone our Henna

Henna Coning time! In Pure Organic Henna we mix our own paste with the best 100% organic ingredients basically best quality double sifted henna powder, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils. Made with love. Just for you.

Introducing Hengua

What is Hengua? The name doesn’t ring any bell? Well is the NEW thing we are offering since this summer, thanks to Bella Henna and G4Penney I found my self with a Hengua cone in my hands to play. And fell in love of the results! I introduce it this summer to my lovely clients in Venice … Continue reading Introducing Hengua

Henna Ricky Martin

Yes! I did a henna for the super Latin star Ricky Martin… How did I ended doing THAT? How can a modest Mexican henna artist ended tattooing the very pop artist of my own teen age? Well I have friends all over the world, one of my sisters Irela, was working at that time in … Continue reading Henna Ricky Martin

Henna Doe Paoro

Sonia / Doe Paoro We have the fortune to decorate Sonia the composer and singer of Doe Paoro. We seat on the Santa Monica grass to enjoy the sunny Sunday by the beautiful pacific ocean. Her experience was a sensation of uniqueness and the feeling of being special.  

Henna Xmas sugar cookies

I have so much fun baking this vegan sugar cookies! I loved to decorate them each one of them! I have to admit is a lot of work and take me several days to finish. But they were delicious. Almost that time again! Merry Xmas from Pure Organic Henna

My practice

I am always practicing on my self. I belive that Henna have some healing effect in me and try to use it every time I can.