Henna Aftercare

Henna is a plant paste, taking care of you henna design is simple and the results will be wonderfully reddish brown. HENNA IS FOR EVERYONE. It took me a while to write this blog that finally is here: everything about HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY HENNA so it can last longer in my skin, … Continue reading Henna Aftercare

Ayurvedic Herbal Curly Hair Mask

AYURVEDIC HERBAL CURLY HAIR MASK  Moisture rich hair strengthening for more volume and curly hair. A blend of 4 Ayurvedic Herbs: Cassia Strengthen Amla Promote curls Hibiscus Shine Aloe Vera Moisture  AYURVEDIC HERBAL CURLY HAIR MASK RECIPE Place the quantity of powder you’ll need for your hair length in a bowl. How much powder should I use? 25 gm. … Continue reading Ayurvedic Herbal Curly Hair Mask

Avocado Hair Mask with Ayurvedic Herbs recipe

This is an Avocado moisturizing mask for your Hair! My hair love this one, it was so strong and shiny after the second day! The recipe is: 1 Smashed ripe Avocado 4 Tbsp Agave syrup 8-10 drops of Jojoba oil 1 Tbsp Fenugreek powder 1 Tbsp Ashwaganda powder 1 Tbsp Amla powder Apply on your … Continue reading Avocado Hair Mask with Ayurvedic Herbs recipe

Ayurveda Diploma

Ayurveda is known as ‘The Science of Life’ apply the practice of Ayurveda to your life. I went in to the origins and history of the practice and discover the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. I learn to translate the human condition, especially when it comes imbalanced. Understanding the way in which the practice perceives body … Continue reading Ayurveda Diploma

My Natural Hair Journey

JOIN ME IN THIS NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY In more than 10 years making henna, finally I started applying henna on my hair; I wanted to cover my grays and discover at the same time all the benefits that henna has for hair. Then I started to research more and more about hair products and how … Continue reading My Natural Hair Journey

Ayurvedic 8 Herb Hair Blend

AYURVEDIC 8 HERB HAIR BLEND  This super concentrated AYURVEDIC 8 HERB HAIR BLEND is made with: Cassia Strengthen Amla Promote growth Ashwaganda Prevent hair loss Neem Conditions scalp and scalp infections prevention Ajwain Anti-oxidant Bibhitaki Minimizing hair loss and preventing premature graying Haritaki  Scalp infections prevention like dandruff  Shankhpushpi Promote growth This blend is made to promote hair growth and prevent hair … Continue reading Ayurvedic 8 Herb Hair Blend

Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Mask

AYURVEDIC HERBAL HAIR MASK  I created this gorgeous blend to give everything the hair needs. Nourish hair and make it stronger, healthier and defined. Based on 5 Top Ayurvedic Herbs: Cassia Strengthen Amla Promote growth Hibiscus Shine Fenugreek Thicker strands Aloe Vera Moisture AYURVEDIC HERBAL HAIR MASK RECIPE Place the quantity of powder you’ll need for your hair length in … Continue reading Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Mask

Sidr Ziziphus

Ziziphus is a plant that grows widely in desert areas. The plant has religious significance as well it is believed to be the plant from which Christ’s crown of thorns was made. It is documented in hadith literature to have been used by the Prophet Muhammad as well. Sedr is used in Ayurvedic medicine as well … Continue reading Sidr Ziziphus


Premature greying and hair growth Shankhpushpi prevents premature greying, controls hair fall and promotes hair growth due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) property. Tips: a. Take few drops of Shankhpushpi powder mixed with oil. b. Massage evenly on the scalp and hair. c. Repeat this to control premature greying of hair and hair fall. COMMON NAME: … Continue reading Shankhpushpi


Anecdotal reports suggest that neem can: condition your scalp. promote healthy hair growth. temporarily seal hair follicles. soothe frizz. minimize grays. reduce dandruff. treat head lice. Neem is one of the most commonly used herbs in natural hair care. It is one of the herbs that I encountered when I started my research on the benefits of herbs on natural hair. … Continue reading Neem


What Are The Benefits of Indigo Powder For Hair? It treats and prevents premature greying. It can lead to new hair growth and treat baldness. It treats dandruff and conditions dry hair. It prevents scalp infections and soothes the scalp. It smoothens the tangles, makes your hair thicker, more manageable and lustrous. Indigo Powder for Hair is a natural plant. The powdered leaves have … Continue reading Indigo


 Hibiscus can also help: stop hair loss. make your hair look healthy and lustrous. prevent premature graying. thicken hair and add volume. treat dandruff. condition against frizz, dryness, and breakage. prevent split ends. This ayurvedic herb is also known as jaswand powder and hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) flowers. It is used to: Enhances the red tones in your hair along with your henna … Continue reading Hibiscus


Hair thinning and loss of hair is a common issue. Ayurveda, an age-old set of practices of India, contains powerful solutions for hair loss problems. Haritaki along with the Bibhitaki and Amla its called Triphala powder for hair loss is a natural remedy that has been mentioned in these methods, and it has long been … Continue reading Haritaki


Benefits of Fenugreek hair Strengthens hair and prevent hair loss. Promotes Hair Growth. Nourishes hair and scalp. Used as a natural conditioner. Adds shine to your hair. Prevents dandruffs. Pure Organic Fenugreek Powder is a herb rich in mucilages and it is considered a natural hair-loss preventing treatment, because of its high percentages of phytoestrogens. This Ayurvedic herb prevents and controls hair loss, promotes hair growth, excellent … Continue reading Fenugreek


Cassia (also known as neutral henna or senna) is a natural Ayurvedic herb. Cassia strengthens hair roots stimulating hair growth and thickens hair leaving it strong and healthy. Cassia is also a brilliant hair shine conditioner that will leave you with glossy shining hair particularly if blonde colored hair. Blonde Hair Dye Conditioner: cassia only. This Ayurvedic herb will leave your hair glossy, stronger, thicker, dandruff-free, and healthy. Cassia gives you all the … Continue reading Cassia


Hair thinning and loss of hair is a common issue. Ayurveda, an age-old set of practices of India, contains powerful solutions for hair loss problems. Bibhitaki along with the Haritaki and Amla its called Triphala powder for hair loss is a natural remedy that has been mentioned in these methods, and it has long been … Continue reading Bibhtaki


For over 8,000 years, Ayurvedic practitioners in India have harnessed the healing properties of one powerful root to soothe a wide variety of ailments. Discovered by the most ancient system of medical sciences, Ashwagandha, classified as an adaptogen, has been both ingested and used topically to treat many mental and physical health concerns. Ashwagandha is … Continue reading Ashwagandha


Amla is a natural plant also known as Emblica Officinalis. The dried, powdered fruit has tannins, vitamin C, and is astringent. Pure Organic Amla is great for hair because: adds texture, volume, wave, curl shine to your hair promotes hair growth thicker, stronger hair strands tones down red of henna natural astringent making it good … Continue reading Amla


Trachyspermum Ammi, Ajwain or Bishop’s weed is herb used in ayurvedic medicines for its carminative properties. It is an annual herbaceous plant bearing the grayish-brown fruits (seeds), which constitute the spice. Ajwain has an erect and striate stem involving glabrous or minutely pubescent properties, which may grow up to 90 cm tall. The seeds are … Continue reading Ajwain

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that has thick leaves with a gel-like substance inside of them. It’s found all over the world, and many people even grow their own. Aloe vera gel is cooling and soothing when applied to the skin, which is why it’s sometimes used to treat burns and skin wounds. Aloe vera has been used … Continue reading Aloe Vera

Henna Lawsonia Inermis

Henna has a color molecule that binds with the keratin of the hair naturally. This molecule not only dyes but also have other benefits: Maintains scalp health, Balances oil & PH levels, Conditions the hair, Reduces hair loss, Promote Hair growth, Repairs & strengthens hair, Prevents split ends. DIRECTIONS: Step 1: Mix henna powder with … Continue reading Henna Lawsonia Inermis

Jagua Gel Aftercare

Jagua is a fruit, if you have sensitive skin or allergy to fructose and berries. JAGUA IS NOT FOR YOU.  In this blog post I will be explaining step by step the aftercare process you have to follow to achieve the best results. No disappointments warrantee if you follow the instructions, so read carefully. At … Continue reading Jagua Gel Aftercare

Simple Henna Mixing Tutorial

Was a pleasure to produce this video next to my dear Rich, finally sharing our passion with you in how to mix by your self. LET’S DO SOME HENNA WITH THE AMATEUR HENNA KIT OF PURE ORGANIC HENNA DO IT YOURSELF! NOW ON SALE! The Amateur Henna Kit includes: 20 grams / 1/4 cup of … Continue reading Simple Henna Mixing Tutorial

Jagua Powder

We decided to try the Jagua Powder and we like it! It can be stored for much longer than the juice and mixed with water to get basically the raw juice. It is Freeze – Dried and its just the dehydrated Jagua fresh fruit juice (Genipa Americana) 100% Natural Fresh The Jagua Gel temporary tattoo … Continue reading Jagua Powder

ICNHA Certification for Natural Henna Arts

We are so happy to inform that we are CERTIFIED by the ICNHA. The International Certification for Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA) is a volunteer peer assessment for henna artists to certify they use only natural, chemical free henna and understand the cultural, traditional uses of henna. What do they do? The objective of this examination … Continue reading ICNHA Certification for Natural Henna Arts

Henna Ricky Martin

Yes! I did a henna for the super Latin star Ricky Martin… How did I ended doing THAT? How can a modest Mexican henna artist ended tattooing the very pop artist of my own teen age? Well I have friends all over the world, one of my sisters Irela, was working at that time in … Continue reading Henna Ricky Martin