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Brand: Pure Organic Henna

Amateur contains 20gr of fresh natural Pure Organic Henna DIY KIT

The DIY KIT have all necessary to make your own natural, fresh, and dark-staining henna at home.

We provide the cones for you, with pin, and we give you some of our special blend henna powder, we provide the essential oils, and provide also for the aftercare: lemon citrus sealant and a henna aftercare balm.

Comes with instructions on how to mix the henna and how to cone it.


Amateur DIY Kit

1. 20 gr Pure Organic Henna powder pack BAQ (Body Art Quality)

2. 10 ml Cajeput essential oil

3. 1 oz Citrus aftercare sealant spray bottle

4. .5 oz Aftercare Henna Balm

5. 3 empty rolled cellophane cones

6. Step by step directions on how to mix the paste and fill the cones

7. Henna aftercare information for best stain results

The henna DIY KIT has a shelf life of up to 1 year. Once mixed, it is recommended to store the henna cones in the freezer until use. In the freezer, the mixed henna cones last up to 6 months.

We do not accept refunds.

We recommend you order your Pure Organic Henna 2 weeks in advance of the date you actually need it so it can be on time.

Shipping is in the U.S.A. only


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