Organic Herbal Hair Color

Cultivator's Colors from Nature Organic herbal hair color powder is natural hair colourant with 100% grey coverage for both men and women. Organic herbs contain natural coloring pigments precursor and nutrients for conditioning and nourishing hair. They increase shine, luster, softness and elasticity of hair.

Natural coloring process forms a healthy color coat around each hair strand. They easily adhere to the cuticle and penetrate the cortex region of hair and develop color easily by natural oxidation. The color is not permanent; it washes out gradually and will not stain or leave any residue on hair. Advance processing technique preserves natural coloring pigments, aroma and fragrance.

The color serves as reference only (as performed on bleached hair) and may vary according to the harvest time of the ingredients or depends on hair type, existing hair color, duration and warmth. The product will not lighten the hair as it does not contain bleach or chemicals 100% free from Ammonia and also Peroxide, suitable for vegans.